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  • Jonathan Alenskas

fxphd :: After Effects VFX Bootcamp

So, I do A LOT of my work in Adobe After Effects. Why? It's affordable, fast and versatile, that's why! At the end of the day its not even about using the best tool for the job at hand but rather the best tool for you and unless I need to do complicated 3D compositing or work with advanced channel data AE is a great choice :) Yes its has its downfalls but so does everything else and most of those 'problems' are usually down to 'user error'. Fact is most people using AE have started out in it doing something else like motion graphics or teaching themselves fx on home videos and therefore never learned how to use it correctly for handling pro shot footage or professional delivery of VFX work... well, I tried to help solve a bit of this misunderstanding last year by creating a course for the one and only, the incredible fxphd!

When I started working in VFX in South Africa year 2000 there were no schools or training facilities. Books and VHS tapes were possible to import but quite rare to find or get your hands on though I was lucky enough to lend some of these from Atomic-vfx which was the company I started working at in Cape Town. In addition there was some information on the internet of course but it was sooo slow and not packed with information and tutorials like it is today. I managed to get by and do what I needed but it was really my introduction to the training on fxphd circa 2008 which boosted my levels of capability and confidence.

Thank you John Montgomery for giving me the chance to work you and publish my first ever training course on fxphd.

Check out the course here...

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